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Why would I need dentures?

Your oral health depends on having all your teeth to maintain structural integrity. When that is no longer possible, there are options that can help you protect your remaining teeth for proper function and appearances. When implants and bridges aren’t an option, full or partial dentures can restore your ability to eat a variety of foods and show your smile.

How are dentures made?

In order to make a set of dentures, Dr. Gundersen will make molds of your upper and lower teeth, or simply the gums if no teeth are present. With those molds, he will make a relief that will be used to create plates that fit your jaw line. The plates will be fashioned out of a hard resin polymer and created to look as close to your original teeth as possible.

What happens when I get my new dentures?

As with other new things in life, there is a trial/breakin period with dentures. Dr. Gundersen will first insert them into your mouth for proper placement. He will test the bite and comfort of the dentures and make adjustments needed.

If your dentures were made shortly after removal of teeth, there may need to be some resizing as the gums shrink with healing, so the dentures fit securely. Any gum sores you experience due to your dentures are a signal that they need to be adjusted for your comfort.

There is a learning process with dentures. Dr. Gundersen will help you with information regarding cleaning and protecting your dentures from damage, as well as what products may be helpful in keeping them in place to improve your experience when eating and speaking.

You may speak a little differently when you first get dentures. Most people learn to overcome any problems with speech in a short time. It just takes practice.

Can dental implants be used for dentures and partials?

Yes. Dental implants can give partial plates extra stability. If needed, Dr. Gundersen can add additional implants to the existing ones to create a firm foundation for your dentures.

When should you consider getting dentures?

As you age and your body begins to lose calcium, your teeth can begin to break down and weaken. Cavities and decay may become more prominent.

Dr. Gundersen can identify many of these problems and he may recommend the use of dentures as a way to help you regain your oral health. Dentures will allow you to chew your food more efficiently to help you maintain a proper diet.