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"Dr. Arne and his hygienist staff could not be better. They make you feel welcomed for every if you were the only patient. Even though we only see each other 2 x per year, they treat you like family. They seem to stay up pretty well with the current technology and latest treatments. If you have questions, they are happy to answer and provide you with information and options needed to make the most informed decision on your course of treatment. The staff is so caring and gentle. The office atmosphere is cozy, which makes the anticipation of sitting in that dentist chair warm and inviting." - Marcellina Rosa

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? I don't think there are enough positive adjectives in my vocabulary to properly describe the caliber service my family receives from the entire staff at this super-cool place.........we've all been going there for quite a while and I honestly can't imagine ever going anywhere else...... (yes, people they are really, really, really really nice n stuff...)
...........................God Bless y'all and have a great day !..........................." - Reed McCanse

"My recent visit, like all others in my nearly 20 years as a patient at Gundersen Dental Care, was timely and thorough. The staff is warm and friendly!" - Rob Denning

"I have been a client of Gunderson Dental Care for 30+ years. The staff is always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Arne has carried on the tradition of personal interest in his patients, excellent care and updated procedures." 

"I'm a new patient and have only been in for an exam and cleaning, but so far I like the Doctor and the staff. The tech who did my cleaning did a very thorough yet painless job. The building is centrally located and is very nice inside. And I especially appreciate the electronic reminders - both on my cell phone and email." - John Nichols

"I'm a picky patient and quite like Gundersen Dental Care. Pleasant, friendly, and able to give immediate information on procedures and pricing without pushing the 'sale' of any services. Recommended to me by two families in Olympia, and I would definitely recommend them to others." - Larisa John

"I have personally had more bad dentists than good, but out of the good ones I have to say this is the best one ever. I called today because I woke up on excruciating pain in my jaw and they were the closest with the best reviews. They got me in for an emergency visit same day even though I was not a current patient. Everyone there was very kind and knew what they were doing. They took amazing care of me including referring me to a place that could do the procedure I needed. But they went above and beyond with that as well. They didn't just write me a referral and say call them. They called the place for me and explained my situation and got me into the other place immediately. I literally just drove from one place to another and got my tooth problems taken care of. By far the best dentist office I have ever been to and I plan on continuing to use them for as long as they are around. I would recommend this place to everyone. If they take kids I will even start taking my son there, which is the highest form of praise and trust I could ever show them." - Jessica Stevens

"My boyfriend and I came here for our first visit and we loved it. The staff is super friendly and nice. They made sure to make us feel comfortable and not nervous. They were very attentive of our care, and even called and made appointment with the specialist for me. Neither one of us have had such an amazing dental visit as what we experience going in to Gundersen's Dental office. They were also very clear and informative of our needed dental procedure." - Jonathan Guerra

"I've been going to Dr. Arne for more than 5 years. I work out of town now, but I continue to go to Gundersen Dental Care because I'm comfortable here; Dr. Arne and his staff are gentle. I didn't realize how much I appreciated it until I visited an endodontist near my office; they made me anxious. I guess Dr. Arne has earned my trust; I just didn't realize it until experiencing something else." - Erik Finley

"Dr. Arne Gunderson is so talented. I had an unfortunate event where I broke off the bottom half of both front teeth. Dr. Arne was able to schedule an emergency visit right away and bond the pieces back to the teeth - no major surgery, no root canal, no dentures...WOW, I was so amazed and pleased and my teeth look great!" - Michelle Paul

"Our whole family uses Gundersen Dental Care. Everyone is so nice and it doesn't feel like a dreaded dentist appointment. My kids actually get excited for our cleanings, so that says a lot! If you are looking for a wonderful dentist office then look no further!" - Michelle Paul

"Words can’t begin to express my deepest gratitude for their kindness. When I saw Dr. Gundersen at an event in Tacoma and complained to him about my tooth hurting, I did not think he would remember, let alone have Patti follow up with me. That random act of kindness meant so much to me. I will say a billion thank you’s for people and businesses like Gundersen Dental because they exemplify what it means to care for another human. Patti was so helpful and kind every time I came into the office, and she truly means and shows real genuine customer service." - Khurshida Begum

"Amazing staff and specialists. I've never had a dental cleaning and examination this thorough before. Will definitely be coming back in 6 months." - Lane Tittle

"Dr. Gundersen and all the staff are competent and friendly. I appreciate the kindness and how adept they all are at their jobs. Thanks you guys!" - Helen Harpel

"Dr. Arne is great and very knowledgeable. His staff is good as well. Everyone is friendly & scheduling the appointment was easy. I would recommend this office to anyone." - Google user

“Kari is an excellent person to deal with, and always enjoyable to see! Thank you, Kari!”

“I always enjoy visiting with my dental hygienist Kari at my twice-yearly appointments. She is both personable and professional. Dr. Arne and the front office staff including Patty are great.”

“Always my pleasure for my dental visits. I have been coming for years and it is like family there for me. I get the best care and I always recommend them to my friends.”

“I am a new patient and have avoided dental care for 13 years. I am so happy with the staff at Dr. Gundersen’s office that I will be returning on a constant regular basis. You all are AWESOME!”

“Until I started going to Gundersen Dental Care, I wouldn't go to a dentist unless I absolutely had to. Now I’m on a regular schedule for cleaning and check-ups. Their good customer service and quality work keeps me coming back for more.”

“At age 73, I’ve had lots of time to encounter members of the dental profession, but never until absolutely forced to!! The Gundersens changed my attitude. I’ve found them to be competent as well as highly professional administering adequate amounts of TLC (Tender Loving Care) with expertise. Check them out!”

“Our family avoided the dentist like the plague, especially our children. We just couldn’t find a dentist we were comfortable with—until Gundersen Dental Care. The staff, and yes, even the dentist were friendly and made us feel comfortable with the whole process. We had quite a bit of dental work that needed to be done, which happens when you avoid the dentist for years. We were able to get it all done before our children headed back to college. If you’re looking for a dentist—or a dental ‘family’—that you can rely on, we highly recommend Gundersen Dental Care. You won’t be disappointed.”

“When I came to Dr. Gundersen, I brought with me an accumulation of dental problems, and a resultant fear of the dentist’s chair. For several years now, Dr. Arne has been working with me on repairing my teeth; implant surgery was particularly scary for me. However, it is all coming together, thanks to Dr. Gundersen’s skill and kindness. He and his staff are truly dedicated to making their patients feel at ease, and in bringing about the best result for the individual. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

“When I came to see Dr. Arne Gundesen this year, I was completely dental-phobic. I required sedation to get me calm enough to sit in the chair without tears, and I often cancelled my appointments out of fear. I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain, so my fear of additional pain is very real. I have succeeded in conquering the worst of the fear, and I know Arne cares! That helps so much. In the last few months Dr. Arne has almost completed all the restorative work in my mouth. I no longer have to take sedation for my appointments. Dr. Arne has restored my trust in the dental profession as he takes whatever amount of time necessary to make me comfortable. No dental work is fun, but Dr. Arne is truly a gentle dentist. I’m looking forward to the reward — my beautiful teeth — because Dr. Arne is quite an artist.”

“As a long-time patient of Gundersen Dental Care, I have found the staff to be prompt, knowledgeable, friendly, and the dental care to be excellent. It makes grinding teeth a pleasure ... almost!”

"I have been a patient of Gunderson Dental Care from 1992 to the present after a referral from a co-worker of mine.  It was a decidedly positive move. I have received at least 5 upper dentures during my lifetime. The last was obtained from Gunderson Dental Care. Not only was it the last, it was and is the best. That was in 1992 - 26 years ago. I've had virtually no problems with it throughout the intervening years - no realignment but a slight adjustment after first receiving the denture. Prior to receiving this denture in 1992, my old denture broke.  Being in the public as an entertainer it was necessary to have an immediate repair made. Both of the Gundersons came in on a non-work day to repair the broken denture. I wonder how many dentists would have done the same. The work done by Gunderson Dental Care has greatly improved the quality of my appearance and, consequently, my life. Not only has their dental care covered all of my dental needs, I found the staff friendly and welcoming."

"Dr. Gundersen and his competent caring staff have my highest regards. After years of oral problems, including a failed surgery for TMJ, a referral phone call from my physical therapist put me in the dental chair of Dr. Gundersen. He patiently solved all my problems! I am no loner in pain, my teeth are aligned and I am an extremely happy and grateful patient."

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